Become a Member

Please see membership level descriptions at the bottom of this page. To renew your membership log-in and select your name which is located in the upper right hand side of the window. Then select the grey box that says renew and follow the instructions. (Please note, if your membership has lapsed/expired, the system alert below will notify you that you are a member and need to edit your member profile. This does not mean that your membership is current.)


Please note that all memberships are prorated to April 1st of the year following subscription (i.e., subscriptions in 2017 will run through April 1st, 2018).


Annual rates are as follows. Professional $249, Associate $169.00, Affiliate $199.00, Support Staff $79.00, Statewide Premium $22,500.00, Statewide Plus $ 2899.00, Statewide $2000.00.